How to Activate Windows 10 without Product Key free 2020?

Are you looking for a free and short solution to activate windows 10 without product keys?  Some people are looking for windows 10 keys, and could not find. I have searched a lot to bring an easy and simple solution to this problem. And finally, I have found the CMD code to activate windows 10 without keys.

The process of activation windows will take only 2 minutes. I have gone through this process for my blog readers ? and amaze to see, this is totally working. Go to step by step method to activate windows 10 without a product key.

Activate Windows 10 without Product Key

It is an easy task to activate window 10 without a product key, just follow these steps:

Step#1 Visit this link here. (To get the code)

Step#2 Copy the code in the separate text file and save it.

    1. copy paste text to new document to activate windows 10

Step#3 Now, save this text file as a batch file. rename it as (1click.cmd).

    1. save txt file as cmd to activate windows

Step#4 Now, run this file as administrator.

run as admin

And see the result. 

how to activate windows 10

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Supported Windows 10 Versions:

With this method you can activate the following window 10 versions:

    1. Win 10 Home
    2. Win 10 Home N
    3. Win 10 Home Singe Language
    4. Win 10 Professional
    5. Win 10 Professional N
    6. Win 10 Education N
    7. Win 10 Enterprise
    8. Win10 Enterprise N

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